Why use a Heat Reflector?

Stainless Steel Heat Reflectors come in several different sizes to accommodate any fireplace size.

Without a Heat Reflector, much of the fire’s heat is absorbed into the firebox’s back wall where it can cause a lot of wear and tear damage.

With a heat reflector installed, your fireplace’s back wall will be exposed to less damaging heat AND up to 42% more heat will be reflected back into the room!

Heat Reflectors have a long history in Europe and have been in use almost as long as fireplaces themselves! In the old days, Heat Reflectors were made of cast iron, but modern “Heat Reflector/Shields” use more efficient materials like 304-alloy stainless steel for better durability and superior heat reflection! How much more heat? How does 20-42% more heat sound?

This back refractory panel has been damaged due to heat exposure and must now be replaced.

Heat Reflectors are the next best thing to a wood stove insert for making a room nice and toasty! Besides more heat into the room, there is another HUGE ADDED BENEFIT: Protection for your fireplace! In an unprotected masonry or Prefab firebox heat is absorbed into the firebox bricks or refractory panels, and over time, these components break down and fail due to heat exposure. Fireplace repairs of this nature are often VERY EXPENSIVE.

This Damaged Firebox Could Have Lasted Much Longer If It Had Been Protected By A Stainless Steel Heat Reflector

An average Masonry Firebox Rebuild can be over $1000, and a Zero Clearance Refractory Panel Replacement is around $235! Fireplaces with a “Heat Reflector/Shield” protecting them will be exposed to 1/3 less heat, and damage to the fireplace is significantly reduced or stopped. In essence, you’re getting 33% more useful life out of your fireplace and up to 42% more heat more heat projected into your room!!

With the Heat Reflector Installed, the firebox back wall is now exposed to far less damaging heat because up to 42% more heat will be reflected into the room!

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