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Fireplace Heat Reflectors let you enjoy up to 40% more heat from your gas or woodburning fireplace.

Same logs, same fuel, same fireplace — but with our reflective panel in place behind your burning wood or gas logs, you’ll enjoy warmer air in front of your hearth and throughout the room. Fireplace Heat Reflectors are an excellent way to keep the heat in your room, instead of escaping up the chimney. The heavy-duty stainless-steel panel reflects and radiates the heat from your burning logs out into the room, and makes the fire look larger and brighter as well.

A heat reflector also helps protects fireplace brick or masonry from deterioration. These fireplace inserts are thicker than others on the market, for durability that should last forever! With its freestanding design, the Fireplace Heat Reflector needs no assembly and is easy to position between the log grate and back wall. (Please measure dimensions at the back of your firebox before ordering). Occasional cleaning of the Fireplace Heat Reflector is recommended to keep it shining bright for better heat radiation.
Note: Remove protective film before placing the heat reflector in your fireplace.

Benefits of the Fireplace Heat Reflectors:

  • A Fireplace Heat Reflector can help increase heat output by up to 40%
  • Help save energy by using heat reflectors to keep heat in the room
  • Stainless steel reflector makes your fire look bigger and brighter

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